Six Doctors in Five Days = One crazy week


Day One – My three-year-old son Hunter had been up all night complaining of stomach pain. About ever five minutes he would screem “ouch, ouch, ouch”.  Not knowing what was going on, and hating that he didn’t seem to be getting any better, I took him into Urgent Care. I love the doctors at the clinic we go! The doctor looked him over and he had a blood draw. We couldn’t get a urine sample from him so we left the clinic for lunch hoping that the little man would go. After dropping off my oldest with her father, I took Hunter back to the clinic. He still had a clean diaper. The next step was an x-ray and ultra sound. The ultra sound should that his bladder was completely full. To give him some relief they did a catheter and emptied his bladder. But he was still having the screaming pain. The doctor came in and talked to me and we decided to do an emema. (I know, poor little guy!) It didn’t work. We went home hoping that he would have a diaper and he would feel better.

Day Two – After another bad night of pain, we went back to the doctor we saw the day before to let her know nothing had happened. She suggested we go to the ER. We went to Ogden Regional Hospital and checked in. First thing the doctor tells us is that Hunter doesn’t seem to have any blockage like we had thought yesterday. They pulled in the ultra sound equipment and his bladder was again very full. They did another catheter to empty him. Then Hunter had another x-ray to check his bowels. Nothing there that was concerning. After several hours of waiting while the doctor called several other doctors for second opinions, we were sent home with a referral to Primary Children’s Hospital.  We weren’t coming home alone though. It was hard to get into Primary Children’s and they didn’t want Hunter to be uncomfortable with a full bladder, so they put in a catheter that would stay in until our appointment with the specialist.

Day Three – Urology at Primary Children’s wanted an ultra sound before Hunter’s appointment. We went to Davis Hospital and they sent the images off to Primary Children’s. Needless to say this was our slow day.

Day Four- Urology at Primary Children’s was wonderful. Before the appointment we were thinking, “Well, at least he’ll get his catheter out.” My husband and I were both trying to prepare for the worst of news. (Really, how do you prepare for that though?) His doctor was great. He took us in and showed us the ultra sounds explaining that there are no tumors or blocking of Hunter’s urinary track. They took out his catheter and told us that the bladder cannot rupture. We were told to go home and he will pee eventually. After all the appointments this week turns out Hunter was just holding everything in.

Day Five - My five-year-old Summer wakes up crying. She says her ear hurts. We go to her pediatrician were we are told she indeed has an ear infection. With some medication and rest she should be on the mend. Now it is time for my annual physical that I have had scheduled for weeks. Most everything with me is normal. I do have a scheduled ultra sound for next week to look at an odd bump in my back and also to look at my thyroid which is a bit swollen.

And that was our week of doctor appointments. I really hope we aren’t starting a trend for 2014. I am so thankful to have such wonderful doctors though!

I hope you are all well!

See you next time,



  1. Yikes! I hope this week is much better.

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