New Schedule

This week started a new schedule for my family. I’m a born scheduler (although, I’ve had to taper off because my husband isn’t). I like to plan out my week every Monday. It keeps me organized and I have been called a scatter brain before and this helps with that. I’ve been doing basically the same thing every week for the last ten months. I was setting aside the hours that I can work and the hours that I can write and keeping up with housework and the kids’ needs. I was thrown for a loop this week.

My oldest started preschool. Now my mornings involve dropping her off and picking her up. I’ve found it is hard to find something to fill those two hours with. I tried to fill this time with writing or work. Instead of being productive, I was watching the clock and wasn’t fully invested in the project I was working on. So, starting next week I will dedicate that in-between time to going to the gym.

Now that I have my new schedule set up, I have to force myself to follow it. I have to adjust to change. It isn’t that I don’t like it. More that I ned that time to get used to it. I went through the same thing the start of every school year growing up. I had drill team practice at six in the morning before school everyday and new classes on top of that. I’m pretty much a zombie that first week until I get the schedule down. College was even harder for me because I had more opportunity to slack off.

Writing things down, like my schedule, helps me tremendously.

The responsibility you have over your time doesn’t end. The ability to manage it doesn’t necessarily get easier. Once I get into my groove, I am better with my time management.

I know that a fair bit of us are going through something similar right now. College class are going in full force, kids are going back to school. Just know that support from friends and family helps and we will all hit our groove. Until then, don’t give up because you feel overwhelmed with your new schedule.

I’m rooting for you! :)

See you next time,



Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

I never saw myself as an author growing up. Sure, I liked writing those short stories in grade school and I even enjoyed my college English class. I just never thought of writing as my occupation. I saw myself as the dancer, not the choreographer. Or the person who admires paintings, not the artist. I never saw myself as creative. In college I changed my major many times; from Elementary Education to Meteorology until I settled on Interior Design. After three semesters, I got married and dropped out of school. I had a great job working in the business end of health care and I was enjoying being a newly wed. Going back to school wasn’t really on my mind. Then I found myself in a whole new world - motherhood. I became a stay at home mom with no regrets.


I loved spending time with my kids and being there for their first smiles, first laughs, first steps, and first tantrums. By the time my son was ten months old (just over three years into motherhood), I was starting to get lonely. I had always been a social person and it is very hard to hold a sophisticated conversation with a three year old. I also missed being wanted in a work environment and challenging my brain. So, I started to look around for something that involved working with adults.

As I began to look for something stimulating to do during my free time at home, I found a book review site that was looking for reviewers. I wouldn’t have called myself a reader at the time (though looking back, I do think I read more than most teenagers), but I liked the idea of reading free books and giving my brain some exercise. I absolutely loved it. Soon my imagination began to take over. I was having a hard time sleeping because these characters would act out scenes when my eyes where close. Finally, I started writing things down and writing my first book. I also began to sleep better.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Even when I had to stop reviewing and I started a part time job from home (which I love), writing has become a part of me. When I’m able to write, I’m free in my own world. When I’m not able to write, I go through withdrawal. I read to get lost in a new world. I write to get lost in MY world. I was accepted by a publisher and so began the long, sometimes bumpy, road of getting my book published. I have often thought of Tom Hanks’ line as Jimmy Dugan in A League of Their Own – “It’s supposed to be hard! If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great!”

All I want to do is share my world with you. I hope my book can be what some many books have been for me – an escape. And so I write.

This blog is for me to connect with others. Not only about (my) books, but sports, high school, college, being a new parent and outdoor activities. Things that I enjoy chatting about.

I hope you have found a place that will keep you checking in.

See you next time!