Blog Take Over by Ellie Tucker, Chairman of the HopeKids Royal Ball


HopeKids is a 501c3 nonprofit for children with life threatening illnesses that operates on the idea that it is the hope of something to come that keeps the kids going.There is at least one event planned every month so they always have something to look forward to. If they can make it through a surgery or a chemo therapy treatment they get to go to a movie or a party. It also creates a support system for the kids and their families. They find friends with whom feeding tubes, oxygen tanks, and bald heads are something normal, not something weird to be stared at.

I am chairman of the HopeKids Royal Ball. The first year we held the event, in 2010, we had only 100 kids in Utah attending.  After the publicity we received for just that one event we jumped to having 330 families. Last year we had over 350 in attendance.

The Royal Ball is a magical evening where all of the kids get to leave the hospital and all of their cares behind to step into a fairytale world where they’re no longer “sick kids” they get to be treated like the brave princes and princesses they really are. They eat a royal banquet, listen to live music, ride in Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, have hair, makeup, and face painting done by fairy godmothers in training, and meet and dance with all of their favorite princesses and characters. It is an incredibly special night.

The boy who won’t grow up with the girl who never will.

We had one very special little princess who was told by doctors there was no way she was going to live to see August but she wanted to come to the Royal Ball. Her parents stayed up late and got her high enough on the list that she received an invitation knowing she would never get to use it. She waited and waited and planned her outfit and practiced her curtsey until, to the shock of the doctors and her parents, August and the day of the Royal Ball arrived. She sparkled and laughed all night, it was the happiest her parents said they had ever seen her. The very next morning she passed away.

Another little girl didn’t have much hope of living past the Royal Ball either. She even asked the princesses if they would pretty please come to her funeral party. A few months later, however, she entered into remission and mailed a very special letter to Cinderella. It thanked her for the magic pixie dust she had been given at the ball because the happy thoughts and pixie dust had made her all better.

The doctors know medicine and do their best to make the children feel better but if the child sees no reason left to live they’ll stop fighting. I have seen a little bit of hope, a little bit of magic, and a pinch of pixie dust bring the sparkling light back into so many of these kids lives. This charity allows kids to be kids again and reminds them what happy feels like. It is an amazing organization to work with.

This year our Royal Ball will once again be held in August and we would love your support!! If you would like to donate to our cause please contact me, Ellie Tucker, at or by text or phone call at 801-660-7271.

You can also donate by going to, click on the tab that says “DONATE NOW” Then in the DESIGNATION box write Utah HopeKids Royal Ball.

Thank you very much and I hope you all have a magical day!!