Guest Post by Jana Wilde


I have somewhat of a sad-sap tale to begin with, of a time when my young family was completely broke for Christmas. I had a bag full of scrap yarn, and a faint (very faint) memory of my Mother teaching me how to knit when I was eight. With that vague recollection, the help of online tutorials, and the drive to create something extraordinary for my children, my knitting days began.

 I love to knit. Love it. Actually, I have somewhat of an addiction. I just can’t get enough. I’ll start into a project, get three-quarters of the way through, and jump to the next one. My mind is constantly two projects ahead of my fingers, and I get so excited about it that I just have to start, feeling the combination of wool and fibers slip through my fingertips. It’s sort of like knitting ADD if there is such a thing. I would horde yarn if I could, always having a stock of ammunition ready to fuel my ongoing knitting madness.

 So, whether it’s on a long road trip in the passenger side seat, watching the news at the close of the day, or finding a few quite minutes during naptime, I am a knitter. With the encouragement of a good friend, I have recently opened a shop on Etsy. My Inventory is still being built up, and due to my stock-pile of mostly finished/unfinished wonders, check back often for more amazing quality knits for your home and family. Also, since you took the time to read through my story, use the coupon code: freeoctober, to get free shipping on anything in my shop today! / / Now on Instagram @wildeknits

I would like to thank Jana for being my guest today and wish her good luck with her Etsy store! Make sure you use her coupon code and check out her cute knitted pumpkins!

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