Where does the time go?

SumnmammaThis morning my three year old, Hunter, climbed into bed with me after my husband left for work. As we laid there watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse his tiny fingers wrapped around two of my fingers. Then my five year old, Summer, came skipping through the room into our bathroom and brushed her hair and her teeth then announced that she was ready for preschool.

I know kids grow up fast! Soon my baby boy  will not want to cuddle or hug me. Soon my little girl will not be so happy to get out of bed and go to school. I hugged my son and smiled at my little girl. I knew I had to take in this moment.


huntslid It is funny how you can go from one extreme to another so fast. One minute I’m thinking, “I hope my kids don’t grow up so fast.” The next I’m thinking, “Potty training is so hard, can’t we fast forward a couple months.”

Yes, potty training. My daughter didn’t prepare me properly for potty training my son. Summer was too easy. It was like one day, just before she turned three, she wanted to stop wearing diapers and was potty trained in one day. She has only had one accident at night and that was just after she started wearing real underwear to bed. Hunter on the other hand is showing interest, enough that I’ve had him in underwear during the day, but hasn’t really taken it seriously. This is very much his personality though.

So, here’s to the days I’ll miss most. Don’t grow up too fast!


See you next time,


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